Ian Somerhalder dating Molly Swenson?

Based on the couple’s body language, their relationship appears to be more than just professional friendship, multiple reports indicated. Later, the duo even headed out together to attend a cocktail party by Treats! They seemed happy, casual, and enjoying the evening,” the eyewitness said. Swenson too took to her Twitter account to note that she has been off the market for over two years. In recent times, Somerhalder, who split from his “The Vampire Diaries” co-star and girlfriend Nina Dobrev last year, has been linked to a number of women including Ocean Ramsey, an ocean conservationist. Early this week, Somerhalder tweeted an article about Ramsey and added: “Umm, is she married??? Does she want to be??? But it appears that there has been no other development on that front, and this has appeased Dobrev-Somerhalder fans, who want them to rekindle their romance.


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Ian Somerhalder, Bryn Mooser, Ryan Magnunsem, Molly Swenson alongside a female date that E! News has identified to be Molly Swenson.

It looks like Nina Dobrev decided to go blonde for the summer at least the bottom half of her hair has. The brunette who is know for long dark brown mane showed off some dramatic blonde ombre highlights during the event by rocking loose, textured waves. To the event, Nina Dobrev, 25, wore an embellished blazer that featured a plunging neckline and a skirt by Alberta Ferretti. The actress who famously portrays Elena Gilbert paired the look with strappy gold Louboutin heels.

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She explained, “You can put a braid in it, or if you’re not sure how to create a braid, go to a braid bar and get one.

Ian somerhalder dating molly swenson

A few days after the former American Idol contestant was rumored to be bedding The Vampire Diaries hunk, Swenson took to Twitter and made her status very clear. Somerhalder, meanwhile, is one of the most charitable stars on the planet, focusing his efforts largely on wildlife and environmental protection. View As List 1. Ian Somerhalder smolders in this campaign shoot for Azzaro Pour Homme.

‘Vampire Diaries’ star Ian Somerhalder is reportedly dating former ‘American Idol’ star Molly Swenson.

It has been a year since Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder broke up and we are still mourning their relationship. However, there might be some light at the end of the tunnel for Nian shippers. Sources reportedly told the site that the two CW actors are dating again but want to keep their romance private and out of the media. The reasoning behind their secret relationship is said to be due to the scrutiny and attention following their previous breakup.

Nian shippers will remember that the couple broke up in May after dating for three years. Their split came at an ironic time for their TV show. After multiple seasons of going back and fourth between the two Salvatore brothers, Elena ultimately ended up confessing her love to Damon at the end of Season 4. Season 5 had a passionate kick off for the characters, with Damon and Elena exploring their fiery romance.

At the beginning of April rumors began to swirl after she posted a photo of the actor who plays hybrid wolf Tyler.

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A terrible rumor is circulating the gossip sites concerning our very own Ian Somerhalder. I know, try to control your outrage. If Ian finds himself in a relationship, what hope do we Somer-lovers have?! Thankfully, the record has been set straight. The lady-love in question took to Twitter to dispel the rumors once and for all.

Is Molly Swenson dating Ian Somerhalder? Has he officially moved on from Nina Dobrev? SAY IT AIN’T SO!

The currently single “Vampire Diaries” star Ian Somerhalder eagerly sat down for an interview with E! News to talk about his dating life. In the “Larry King Now” on Ora TV interview, the year-old heartthrob actor also talked about wanting to work again with ex-girlfriend Maggie Grace whom he still loves dearly. According to the Entertainmentwise. One subject matter asked was whether Ian would want to work again with Maggie Grace and the actor responded that he would love that to happen. We’re very very close.

She is a wildly talented, beautiful human being and we plan on it,” the actor shared. Their meeting was pleasant and cozy as Ian hugged Maggie and planted a huge kiss on her cheek in front of the event’s photographers. Ian’s dating life has been closely scrutinized ever since his romantic relationship with “Vampire Diaries” co-star Nina Dobrev ended in Some fans are still hoping that Ian and Nina will rekindle their relationship but it looks like the two are more content being friends and co-workers in real life.

Additionally, Ian Somerhalder has hinted in the E! News interview that he wants to keep his distance from fellow Hollywood personalities. I am solo as solo could get.


By Justin Enriquez. But while Ian Somerhalder has a host of female fans, it appears Molly Swenson is not among them. As he partied at the Coachella music festival on Sunday, the pretty actress took to Twitter to deny dating the year-old. Vibing vampire: Ian Somerhalder, 35, was seen during the second weekend of Coachella on Sunday. Her response came after a report that Ian and Molly were seen holding hands at a party.

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Posted on under General. While the on top of photos have been 7 months old, it looks totally possible which the dual competence be dating according to watcher reports entrance out of LA. View As List 1. Ian Somerhalder smolders in this debate fire for Azzaro Pour Homme. We venerate the actress on The Vampire Diaries. Ian Somerhalder is one good seeking fella. Ian Somerhalder looks mislaid in suspicion in this photo.

It was snapped for the repository Annex Man. Ian Somerhalder poses here for Annex Man. Ian Somerhalder covers this emanate of Annex Man.

Is Ian Somerhalder Dating Molly Swenson Now?

It specializes in documentary film production, commercial production, virtual reality and augmented reality. Both were in the country doing humanitarian work, Mooser with Artists for Peace and Justice , to build a school, and Darg with Operation Blessing , to build water and sanitation systems. After working alongside each other and becoming friends, Mooser and Darg had the idea to create a baseball league for the young boys of the Tabarre neighborhood of Port-au-Prince.

RYOT is credited as the first company to capture in video,1. An active war zone Syria , a disaster zone Nepal , underwater with wild dolphins Bahamas , and is the first company to produce VR news and comedy series on a major network Hulu. Mooser and Darg documented their work with the young boys in Haiti in their Tribeca award-winning film Baseball in the Time of Cholera , which follows the rise of the Tabarre Tigers and the concurrent outbreak of Cholera in Haiti.

Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder parties at Coachella as Molly Swenson denies they are dating. By Justin Enriquez EDT 20 Apr.

Photo credit: Gettyimages. Rumors of a burgeoning relationship between the pair started swirling after they were allegedly seen together at a party for Details magazine. Before rabid Somerhalder fans really got the chance to panic over his new relationship status, however, Swenson firmly and adamantly denied the rumors. Swenson has been dating Randal Hark, who works as a new client acquisitions director for FastPay, a commercial finance operation that specializes in digital businesses.

Although Swenson is a talented vocalist, she also works for RYOT News, which is a website that focuses on current philanthropic opportunities. Swenson is COO chief operating officer for the website. Her job actually is what initially brought upon the false rumors of a union with Somerhalder. The Louisiana-born actor is intensely concerned with charity, particularly in the realms of the environment and wildlife.

Since Swenson firmly denied the rumors of a relationship, Somerhalder enthusiasts can breathe a little easier — at least for a little while. The winsome Hollywood couple broke up in May of after roughly 3 years as a twosome. From Around the Web.

Are They Back Together Yet?

Nina dobrev and ian somerhalder dating Bulgarian-Born hollywood star ian somerhalder and ian somerhalder, nikki reed engaged in real life style reported, insists their child. Given that the vampire diaries because dating tayo high school love story has exclusively learned that reed, california. Ever best restaurants at the couple announced via instagram, but there are.

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And just who is this gal? Well, her name is Molly Swenson and the two were spotted at the Details Magazine party last Wednesday and that was just one of the many events the duo stopped by that night! She was a contestant on American Idol! Molly was only in the top 50, but out of the hundreds of thousands of people who audition for the singing competition, you can bet your bottom dollar girlfriend can SING! And according to her RYOT profile, she occasionally raps too! This girl only uses her voice for good!

Molly used to intern in the White House! The Seattle native worked in the Office of Presidential Personnel. She graduated from Harvard University with honors in ! What a smarty pants! Born and raised in Seattle, WA, Molly has traveled the world since then moving away for college! Got A Tip? Dre Dr. Drew Dr.

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev (Nian)

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