8 signs that your husband is a mamma’s boy

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You Can’t Cut the Cord For Him- How to Live With a Mama’s Boy

This site uses cookies from Google to deliver its services – Click here for information. The Relationships, Love, Happiness Project. PRO: Mama’s Boys are typically respectful towards women. This is a bit of a no-brainer. When a young boy grows up very close to his mother, he tends to value her as a person, which makes him respect her.

Mama’s Boy cartoon 9 of mama. “Where can I find this Erin from marketing who’s been giving my son such a hard time?”.

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What are the pro/cons of dating/marry a mama’s boy?

After careful observations in my own life these last few days, I was inspired to write this blog. I am not writing it to offend anyone, I only want to use it as a springboard to allow men a glimpse from the womans side. You know the type.

CON> but just because he treats his mother well is it certain he’ll treat YOU well so.. can you give me your pros and cons of dating/marrying a.

He talks to her daily, texts with her often, shares funny videos and pictures with her, and is always quick to share important details of his life with her. You love this about him, how could you not? You also shutter and cringe at the thought that he could be revealing intimate details of your relationship, which always makes the family get-togethers that much more interesting.

He will open doors for you, foot the bill when he invites you out, and be the gentleman that you have always wanted in a guy. So you can thank his mom for blazing a trail of morals, values, and treating women with respect. Sometimes men that grow up in dad-dominated environments have a hard time letting go of traditional familial roles. They grew up seeing their dad make the majority of the decisions and be the leader of the household.

Whereas a guy that grew up close to his mom, might have a very progressive take on relationship roles. This often translates into being a good listener, to having a better understanding of how men and women interpret things differently, and to be considerate to their needs. So you probably love that he actually picks up small bits of information in conversation that flies by most guys, or that he actually gets that there are certain times when you just need him there by your side, not even saying anything.

For many women this is the hardest part.

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Dating a “Mama’s Boy” can be a double edged sword. On one hand these guys make good significant others if you believe in the old adage that you can tell how a man will treat you by the way he treats his mother. These men are normally attentive and considerate and value women in general. On the other hand, you will probably tire of always being in second place to his Mother’s needs and wishes. Is dating a “Mama’s Boy” worth it? If you choose to pursue a relationship with a man who won’t cut the umbilical cord, you must fully accept the fact that he is a “Mama’s Boy” for the long term.

A few pros and cons to consider first. PRO: He respects women. CON: If you’re dating a Mama’s Boy it may seem like nothing is ever good.

His Ecuadorian household was much different than my typical American one: I had to get accustomed to the food. The language. The aunts there are so many tias! Although we were extremely different, we had so much in common. We liked all the same things, and yet we had so much to teach each other, especially our family dynamics. Before the visit, I had understood Max was close to his mom, but I thought it was in the way that most sons are close to their moms.

I woke up one morning terribly ill. Embarrassed and unable to even walk myself to the bathroom, I had to have Max bring me a wastebasket for the bedside. He brought it and then told me he would see me later—his mom needed him to go with her to run errands for the day.

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What do women really think about mama’s boys? Is it sweet and endearing or awkward and uncomfortable? Here’s what Meg told Thought Catalog about her boyfriend.

Here we breakdown the pros and cons of dating a guy that’s close with his mom. 0. SHARES So what’s the upside to dating a momma’s boy? He knows.

Do not do it, that is the answer. If you do, my words will haunt you when my predictions come true. Most marriages do not survive when there’s this big mama hiding round the door all the time. He will expect you to think and basically be like his mother, it will get so bad that just the mention of her name will cause you to argue with him continually.

And should he dare to have an idea of his own, like making a big decision in life such as moving to another state for a better paid job, if Mama don’t like the idea of her baby boy moving so far away, he will suddenly change his mind to you. Even before the children come, you will suddenly realise that he thinks just like his mother, it won’t take you long to compare how similar they are, and that is because she has literally brain washed him from birth.

He believes his mother is always right, she knows best, and all her intentions toward you are good intentions my bloody foot they are. You will see him yourself eventually as a very weak minded man, unable to stand up against her and make his own life decisions on his own. God knows what the poor father has gone through all his life, you can sure believe that as she has worked her will on her son so much throughout his life, the poor husband is now a hen pecked man.

Bet he’s a quiet man, your future father in law I mean. Marriage is a serious business, two are company, three do not fit into a marriage especially when mother in law is really the boss. And remember, sooner or later your marriage will grow, children will come along, so when you have finally taken as much as you can, it’s not just you and he that get hurt over a failed marriage, the children will suffer too.

For you can bet, she will be an excellent grandmother to those kiddies, they will literally adore her, for they are part of him, whereas your just the walking living incubator that extended her family.

The Good & Bad of Dating a Momma’s Boy

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Journalist: “In the States if someone says ‘You’re a mama’s boy,’ it’s not a compliment.” of questions for Davide and Massimo about the mammoni dating scene. C. What are the benefits and drawbacks (pros and cons, advantages and.

Go to Page Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members – it’s free and quick! Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Any experiences? I recently met a guy who is Pakistan-American. He’s American, completely “westernized” and lives in New Jersey. He lives with his parents, which is a turn-off to me for someone in their mids I am very independent and like my men to be too!

Any red flags? I am NOT interested in dating a Mama’s Boy and sometimes people from Asian cultures are much more subservient to their parents. Is this true of Pakistanis? Also, do they tend to favor strong women or are they looking for someone more “traditional”. Obviously this guy knows I have a job and my own apartment but I didn’t know if that’s something that’s a pro or a con for him. If you’re a true, “red-blooded American woman, born and raised American..

I’m not implying there is anything wrong with someone from Pakistan, but having been in the dating world and dated many women who have mentioned dating people from Islmic backgrounds

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